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Our website all about former Wolves stars - what they are doing now, their thoughts and their memories - is still going strong. Please visit www.wolvesheroes.com and have a look.


Thomas Publications have underlined their standing as the no 1 publishers of Wolverhampton Wanderers books with a title that serves as a posthumous tribute to two Molineux greats.

Frank's For The Memory is the life story of Frank Munro, as written by his closest friend, Dave Wagstaffe.

The 14.99 hard-back, edited by Steve Gordos, is the latest addition to our portfolio and also has a strong charity angle, with both The Stroke Association and Cancer Research - the two causes we believe the players would most have wanted us to support - benefitting from four-figure sums.

This is the website dedicated to quality literature about one of England's most famous football clubs - a portfolio we enhanced early in the 2011-12 season by the release of Wolves In 20/20 Vision.

The start of 2010-11 was marked by our publication of 24 Carat Gould.

The highly entertaining autobiography of former Molineux striker Bobby Gould is a 15.99 hard-back, co-authored by David Instone, and contains some 105,000 words.

The tributes poured in. "Couldn't put it down," said former Wolves loan midfielder Andy Blair. "Extremely engaging," added Radio WM's Rob Gurney. And, from Wolves fan Charles Bamforth in California came the comment: "Absolutely excellent! Bobby's personality screams out from the pages."

Such has been the interest in the title that copies are also on sale in Bristol, Cardiff, London and Gould's home city of Coventry, where it all started for him.

The material for this book is rich indeed. No wonder as Gould won the FA Cup as a player with West Ham and a manager of Wimbledon and also had four years as an international manager.

24 Carat Gould is a worthy addition, we believe, to a blue-chip 'library' that also contains Billy & Bully, Wolves In Pictures, Wolves: The Glory Years, Running With Wolves, Forever Wolves, Sir Jack, Wolves: Exclusive! and The Bully Years.

Thomas Publications also stepped forward as co-sponsors of the Official History of Wolves DVD.

This must-have product - and the accompanying DVD Book Of Wolves - can still be ordered through us (p & p free in the UK), so please email us for details at info@thomaspublications.co.uk

We trust you have enjoyed the fruits of our labours so far or are about to enjoy them for the first time. Above all, we hope you feel suitably inspired to browse this site and see exactly what we have to offer to all Wolves supporters.

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